Data Management Systems

Data is the world’s most valuable resource

How data is collected, stored, managed, and analyzed matters

Real Time Research (RTR) works with clients on natural resource-oriented projects to streamline and optimize workflows. Our solutions are designed to improve the quality and accessibility of data and consist of data management systems such as centralized databases, mobile data collection applications, and secure web-based data management portals. Our solutions save time, reduce costs, and free up valuable resources so that researchers can spend less time on data management and more time achieving their research objectives.

data management systems streamline data entry

Our Services

Data Management as a Service

RTR’s Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering is designed to be “one-stop shopping” for everything data. It is catered toward projects and organizations that need modern data collection and management systems but lack the technical or financial resources to build and maintain their own. RTR can serve as a trusted extension of your team.

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Services & Features

  • Data system hosting, maintenance & support
  • Database design and development
  • Custom data collection application development for desktop or mobile
  • Secure web-based data management portals
  • Mobile device procurement & management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Technical support & maintenance

    Database Design & Development

    A well-designed database is the foundation of an effective data system. RTR are database experts and have decades of experience designing, building, and maintaining complex relational databases. We work with our clients to build purpose-driven databases that will ultimately serve as the source for their reporting, analysis, and decision-making. 

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    Services & Features

    • Database design
    • “Data Wrangling” – compiling and normalizing existing datasets into standardized & centralized database
    • Data migration services (on-premise to cloud)
    • Database hosting, support & maintenance

    Data Collection Applications

    RTR develops custom data collection applications that simplify and streamline the process of entering field data. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their workflows and develop solutions that eliminate bottlenecks. Our solutions eliminate paper data sheets, standardize data collection, improve data integrity through data validation, and securely upload data to a centralized database for real-time access to project data.

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    Services & Features

    • Desktop (Windows) application development
    • Mobile (Android) application development
    • User authentication (Active Directory)
    • Data synchronization to/from centralized database
    • Real time data validation
    • Real time data summaries & reporting
    • Integration of scientific instrumentation (PIT-tag readers, digital scales, water quality meters, etc.)
    • Geolocation & mapping
    • Photos & imagery

    Data Management Portals

    RTR develops secure full-featured web-based data management consoles that allow project collaborators to access, manage, report, and analyze project data in real-time.

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    Services & Features

    • User authentication (Active Directory)
    • User management utilities
    • Data management features (add, edit, delete, sort & filter data). 
    • Data dashboards
    • Reporting & analytics
    • Integration with 3rd party data systems (I.E., PTAGIS)
    • Import & export utilities
    • Custom features & functions

      Cloud Services

      RTR maintains a secure cloud-based infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) optimized for hosting full-featured data systems. RTR’s existing infrastructure can be a valuable resource for projects or organizations that need modern cloud-based solutions but don’t have the technical or financial resources to build and maintain their own. As an authorized Federal Cloud Solution Provider, RTR can develop and manage data systems within the Federal cloud thus meeting stringent federal cloud security requirements (FEDRAMP).

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      Services & Features

      • Cloud solution development via Microsoft Azure/Amazon Web Services
      • Web service development (for communication with 3rd party data systems, automated import/exports, etc.)
      • Integration of 3rd party web services (Esri, Power BI, R-Statistics, etc.)
      • Hosting, support, and maintenance of cloud solutions

      Mobile Device Management

      RTR can procure, configure, and support your fleet of ruggedized mobile tablet hardware. RTR aims to provide a hassle-free service that provides our clients with “out of the box” ready devices. In addition, RTR can manage your fleet of devices, including remote support and troubleshooting, managed software updates, and replacing damaged devices.

      Featured Projects

      Iowa Department of Natural Resources


      Iowa DNR contracted with RTR to architect, develop, host, support, and maintain a data system aimed at streamlining workflows, centralizing data, and improving access to data and analytics. The data system consists of a broad suite of software and services, including mobile data collection applications, centralized databases, data management consoles, desktop software, and mobile device management. The system supports over 100 users and 28 mobile devices.

      • Mobile applications for fishery, vegetation, turtle, and creel surveys
      • Integration of PIT-tag readers for wireless entry of tag codes
      • Q.R. code-based fishery structure (otolith, spine, etc.) labeling and scanning system
      • Photo documentation
      • Real time relative weight (Wr) calculations for identifying invalid data entries
      • Real time “length bin counters” that ensure statistically valid samples are collected
      • Ability to create and assign site-specific surveys to individual crews
      • Desktop fish structure aging application integrating R-statistics libraries (RFishBC) 
      • Created a public-facing data dashboard utility that allows public users to explore approved fish survey data
      • User-specific roles & permissions
      • Provided administrators the ability to create, publish, review and approve field surveys
      custom data management systems for desktop, laptop, and mobile

      NOAA Fisheries


      NOAA fisheries and various other regional agencies conduct research operations at an adult fish trap at Lower Granite Dam on the lower Snake River. RTR developed a data collection application that allows users to enter data from fish captured at the trap. The facility utilizes 3 data entry “Stations” and operates on large touch-screen monitors for easy finger-based data entry.

      • Integration of PIT-tag readers for wireless entry of tag codes
      • Real time PIT-tag recapture history
      • Ability to specify custom sampling rules & alerts that notify users (i.e., take a genetic sample of every 5th wild steelhead)
      • Integration of a water temperature monitor that records holding tank temperatures 24×7
      • Water temperature alert system that notifies users if holding tanks exceed acceptable temperatures
      • Ability to generate and submit data files to a large 3rd party regional database system (Columbia Basin PIT Tag Information System)
      • Real time sampling summaries
      custom database for NOAA fisheries

      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


      The USFWS Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office (AFWO) and the Karuk Tribe of California monitor the annual outmigration of juvenile salmonids on the mainstem Klamath River to assess abundance, biological condition, presence of disease and water quality.   RTR worked with project staff to develop an electronic data collection application that standardized data collection across sites and streamlined the data collection process for an otherwise complex mark/recapture workflow.

      Federal law requires that any federally funded data that his hosted in the cloud must meet a series of strict security requirements (FEDRAMP).  RTR worked closely with the federal government to pioneer the infrastructure, workflows, and security authorizations that can allow non-federal organizations like RTR to develop and manage cloud solutions for our federal clients within the federal cloud.

      • Data entry forms for marking (hatchery) & recapture (fish traps) events  
      • Real-time sample summaries
      • QR code scanning for genetic sampling
      • Real-time mark/recapture summary reports
      • Automated monitoring of stream discharge levels from USGS gage sites
      • Dashboard reports to simplify and automate weekly reporting requirements
      USFWS Dashboard

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